RUFFMERCY: The man behind the visuals.

It has been a long time since i sat in front of a television screen and binge watched music videos on MTV,BET or VH1 while eating a big bag of cheddar and sour cream Ruffles with ranch dip washing them down with a 2 liter of orange Faygo pop.

So you might be able to imagine how in tuned I was while watching music videos for the first time in like forever; all the videos had the same premise, same design same vision and thought provoking excitement of this abstract, trippy, molly popping induced vibes. And I thought to myself…who is the music director? or better yet who is behind this artistic, beautiful, chaotic style of video production in these club anthem trap happy videos.

So one day this past week I was on the computer doing my daily scroll through of Juxtapoz and I came across this piece on Russ Murphy aka RUFFMERCY; he has done videos for artist such as Danny Brown, Nx worries and even Schoolboy Q. Lets just say the article was exactly how I thought it would be…who knows where your creativity will lead you!

Click here for the article.


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